About Adventure Connection

We think it’s important for you to know a little bit about who you’re entrusting yourself, your friends, your family and your colleagues to.  Adventure Connection was started over 25 years ago not by one or two people, but by a group of dedicated river runners who had a vision that we wanted to share.  We had worked on numerous rivers throughout our fair state, and those experiences convinced us that we could, quite simply, just do a better job.  And part of that had – and has – to do with our philosophy about what we do and how we feel about the resources we have the honor to work on.

It’s our view that rivers are magical. They are the lifeblood of our state, and they provide a spiritual, environmental and economic boon to the communities they run through.  We like to share that magic, and daily we see the results of that magic – lives enriched, spirits lifted.  And best of all, we see that in both our guests as well as our team of dedicated employees.

Our philosophy extends beyond just an attitude, or a viewpoint.  We strongly believe that we have to not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. In short, our company donates resources of all kinds – dollars, time and energy – into organizations, auctions and events that benefit our rivers, our communities and the people who live in them.

We look forward to meeting you, and to sharing the magic of our rivers.


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